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About Green Creative

Green Creative has been focused on the development and manufacturing of solid-state lighting since 2010. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, their product line has been recognized over the years by Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards, Edison Report, NAILD and more. The patented technology they produce is so impressive, it has been adopted by other large companies in the lighting world. Green Creative has a full product offering with various certified products with national distribution. If you have a project that requires top-quality LED lighting, Green Creative is always a good choice.

Links to Green Creative Case Studies

Green Creative products can be found in a wide variety of applications across the globe. One of the largest projects Green Creative has taken part in was reducing energy costs at Macy's, one of America's premier department stores. In 2013, Macy's decided they wanted to upgrade all of their halogen MR16 lamps to energy efficient LEDs. This project was very complex, requiring the replacement of over 37,000 lamps at different facilities across the nation. Before Macy's chose to partner with Green Creative, they judged several manufacturers on different criteria that included product performance, project financials and overall expected energy savings. After a heavy vetting process that covered all technical performance benchmarks, Macy's chose Green Creative as their go-to lighting resource.

Macy's installed Green Creative MR16 lamps in 274 locations from coast to coast. The result was astonishing, by replacing the inefficient halogen MR16 lamps with new LEDs, Macy's was able to generate a $200,000 savings in energy costs per year. If you combine the reduction in constant lamp replacement and maintenance costs, the savings totaled $330,000 per year and saving over $1.6 million in just 5 years. They were also able to secure almost 25% of project material costs through utility rebates, giving them an impressive ROI of only 1 year. This was a major win for both Green Creative and Macy's!

Macy's Project with Green Creative MR16 LED Lamps

Not every customer will generate that kind of savings replacing their MR lights. The case study mentioned was just to inform you of how a large retailer like Macy's trusted the performance, quality and longevity of Green Creative's products. It also displays their great customer care, willingness to handle warranties in a timely manner, returns and more.

Stars and Stripes Lighting offers a large selection of innovative Green Creative LED products. If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to help you with any product details, quotes, delivery times, and anything else you may need.