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Stars and Stripes Lighting Introduces LED Round High Bay Luminaires

Stars and Stripes Lighting Introduces LED Round High Bay Luminaires

Stars and Stripes Lighting is excited to announce that we have expanded our LED Round High Bays collection. These LED Round High Bay Luminaires have a sleek, compact design with optional reflectors available to meet a variety of areas lighting needs. Round LED High Bays are ideal for illuminating a variety of applications including warehouses, commercial buildings, distribution centers, big box retail stores, gymnasiums, and any application with a large open floor plan. These LED high bay fixtures instantly deliver crisp, clean cool white 4000K or daylight 5000K light, eliminating long warm-up times associated with traditional HID fixtures.Litetronics Round LED High Bay -

These Round fixtures are ideal for replacing inefficient metal halide high bay systems. They provide an array of benefits from higher efficiency, longer lifespans, excellent color consistency, uniform light output, and instant on capability.

Stars and Stripes Lighting's catalog of Round High Bay Luminaires have rated operational life spans that often exceed 50,000 hours. They are available in 4000K and 5000K color temperature options. Select from a wide variety of lumen packages that range from 13,000 lumens to 34,000 lumens, enabling them to replace up-to 1000 watt metal halide high bay lights. Many of them are IP65 and IP66 rated, meaning they can be installed in areas with dirt, dust, and moisture.

To learn more about our full line of LED commercial lighting products from Stars and Stripes Lighting go to LED Round High Bays

Adding LED Recessed Lighting to Kitchen Applications

Adding LED Recessed Lighting to Kitchen Applications

Today, many people use their kitchen for a variety of purposes, which makes it very crucial to make sure it is well-lit and comfortable. Even though making sure your design tastes are incorporated is important, adding LED recessed lighting (also known as downlights) to kitchen applications helps to make sure your lighting system is stays balanced.

Why use LED downlights?

The use of LED recessed lighting is great for general room illumination and helps to eliminate glare and shadows. Many people opt to go with standard 6" recessed lights because that has become the standard for years. However, since LEDs have higher lumen output, you can go with smaller sizes like 2" and 3" models. Since these are small apertures, it helps to create a less-obtrusive lighting design because of the large holes standard 6" cans require. They are terrific for walkways and open spaces, such as the space between the kitchen sink and island. Another great tip we recommend, is to evenly line-up the LED downlights halfway over the kitchen counter and the other half over the general floor area. This helps to add some task lighting to the kitchen countertops.

What color temperature should I choose?

Really the choice in color temperature for LED downlighting is entirely up-to you and your tastes. We recommend sticking with the warmer, golden tones in the range of 2700 kelvin to 3000 kelvin. This helps to make the kitchen lighting feel warm and comfortable, instead of bright and washed-out. 

Can there be too many lights?

Yes, you do not want too many down-lights installed in your ceiling because then it simply looks cluttered. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, we recommend spacing your recessed lighting between 4 and 6-feet apart. This helps to ensure there are no shadows present, all while giving your ceiling a clean look.

Should I incorporate lighting controls?

Absolutely, we recommend incorporating lighting controls whenever you can. It is especially a great idea for your kitchen lighting system. Lighting controls help to give you added control over your lighting, so you can adjust the output for different occasions.

  • John Faseler
LED High Bays for Warehouse Lighting

LED High Bays for Warehouse Lighting

Ensuring that your warehouse is well-lit, energy efficient and safe is extremely important. Making sure you select the right LED high bays for warehouse lighting can be confusing with different models and wattages available on the market. Most warehouses keep their lights in continuous operation, which can lead to very expensive utility bills. The great thing about LED warehouse lighting systems is that they will help on so many different fronts, by decreasing energy consumption while maximizing on light output. Their long-term longevity also plays an important role since traditional systems are known to consistently fail. By having the correct lighting system installed, your warehouse will also benefit from increased visibility, helping to reduce employee accidents. Below we will take a look a three different models of LED high bay lights for warehouses.

Classic Round LED High Bay

One of the most compelling features of round LED high bay lights is that it has the classic design of traditional HID fixtures. They are lightweight and feature a low-profile design, which allows them to be installed in applications with limited spacing options. Most have IP65 and IP66 ratings which makes them a classified sealed fixture, allowing them to be installed in areas where excessive moisture, dirt or dust may be present. Another benefit they provide over other LED high bay fixtures is by utilizing their water-proof rating they can be hosed-down for clean up, helping to keep your fixture looking clean and new. 

Linear LED High Bay for Maximum Spread

Many of the high bay fixtures with LED technology on the market feature a rectangular design with acrylic diffusers, which are commonly referred to as linear LED high bays. Utilizing their linear design, these high bay lighting fixtures can help maximize the spread of the light output, especially in high ceiling applications. Many are offered in different lumen packages, and are constructed in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths. The acrylic diffuser is a great features because it will help cut-down on the glare emitted from the LEDs, thus helping to produce a uniform light output. These fixtures are great for low, mid and high ceiling applications.

Budget Friendly LED Tube High Bays

If you or your company are on a budget but are still looking into incorporating a warehouse LED lighting system, then the simple solution maybe to go with LED tube high bays. These fixtures are very versatile because they do not have an internal LED driver or ballast. Instead, they rely on each LED lamps internal driver for operation. The reason this fixture type is commonly chosen is the fact the LED lamps are so inexpensive to replace, and even if one lamp burns out the rest continue to burn. Most do not have the high lumen ratings that the round and linear high bays have, so these would not be appropriate for warehouse's with high ceilings. These fixtures do great when installed in ceiling heights that do not exceed 25-feet.

  • John Faseler
Choosing the most appropriate LED Lights for your Home

Choosing the most appropriate LED Lights for your Home

Over the past few years LED lighting has become the go-to source for homeowners since they are more efficient and longer lasting than other traditional light sources. When choosing the most appropriate LED lights for your home, there are several key factors to keep in ming. Below we will go over the most common areas and what to keep in mind when selecting your new LED fixtures.

Living Room

A home's living room is usually a dedicated space that is meant for entertainment and relaxation. When deciding the go with LED lighting, you need to make sure that you choose the right color temperature and lumen output for this space. For a living room, we recommend adding LED recessed lighting with warm color tones that range from 2700 to 3000 kelvin. One common mistake from homeowners is that they think that the brighter the light output the better the space will be illuminated. However, this is not entirely true, brighter color temperatures cause you or guests to be more awake which is the total opposite of what a living room is there for. You want to make sure that the lighting is evenly placed so there are no shadows present. Another thing to keep in mind, is if your adding decorative fixtures or table lamps with LED light bulbs, you want to make sure the color temperature of all lighting sources match.


When choosing LED lighting fixtures for a kitchen area, there are several options available. You can mix and match fixtures to help you achieve a well-illuminated kitchen for cooking and entertaining. Just like in the living room, recessed LED lights are great for accent lighting. For task lighting, add LED under cabinet fixtures for form and function. If you have a kitchen island, you can add some mini pendants or island fixtures for that custom look. If you are looking for full control over your lighting, incorporate some dimmers. This will help adjust the light levels as needed for any type of occasion.


For a bathroom application, you want to choose LED fixtures that offer a high lumen output. In this area, you need added visibility for shaving or applying makeup. The choice in color temperature is entirely what you feel comfortable with. Many homeowners prefer to stick with warm color tones, like 3000 kelvin since it makes the room feel more inviting. It is also great for women who like to apply their makeup in the bathroom because cooler tones tend to make faces washed out with the white light output. You can add nice vanity or overhead fixtures with LED light bulbs, which will complete your bathroom lighting with LED technology.


Just like the living room, a bedroom is a place where you want to relax. So you do not want to add bright color tones in overhead fixtures, recessed fixtures, wall sconces or table lamps. We recommend staying in the warm tone range of 2700 - 3000 kelvin. This will help create a warm and comfortable environment to relax in everyday.

  • John Faseler