Yoga Studio Lighting

Making sure that the lighting for a yoga studio promotes a relaxing environment is essential. Many people rely on their daily or weekly yoga session as a form of relaxation and chance to get away from the everyday hustle. Going with LED lighting for a yoga studio is a smart solution with a variety of benefits.

Most people enjoy being outside because of how natural sunlight makes them feel, it helps create a relaxation and promotes a positive mood set. Since yoga studios are supposed to help their clients be more tranquil, the incorporation of LED fixtures that emits natural light color tones helps to enhance that. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by choosing a color temperature that is around the 2700K warm white range. The majority of LED lamps and fixtures that are manufactured have this as an option.

Since your clients will be spending the majority of their time on the floor looking up at the ceiling, you really do not want to have a fixture that emits a lot of downlight. Choose a fixture that has indirect lighting capability, such as linear pendants. This means that the majority of the light will bounce off of the ceiling surface and reflect back to the floor. If you do not have this option, you can always incorporate fixtures with a nice diffuser. This will help soften the light output and reduce the glare given from the LEDs.

Dimmable light fixtures allow you to control what light levels are going to be appropriate. If there is natural light coming through windows and skylights, you obviously do not need your fixtures to be a full-brightness. Instead you can dim them down during the day and increase the light levels at night.