Indoor Riding Arena Lighting

Choosing the right type of LED lighting for indoor riding arenas is extremely important. Equestrian arenas need appropriate lighting to insure the safety of both the rider and horse. However, it also needs to create a fun and exiting environment as well. Below are a few things to consider in creating an ideal lighting solution for indoor riding arenas.

Most people think that installing the brightest lighting source is the right way to go. However, doing this can severely over-light your riding arena. You don't want the riders and horses blinded by the light output, it creates an unpleasant experience for both. You want a light output that gives both the horse and rider enough light to see. A smart approach is to have fixtures that will produce a uniform amount of downlighting that will not get in the line of sight of the rider and horse. Choose an illumination output between what is provided in parking lots and other sporting applications like exterior tennis courts.

In the past, indoor riding arena owners went with high-pressure sodium fixtures, which created a great light output but wasn't overbearing like metal halide lamps. Now with so many fixtures incorporated with LED technology, makes them the only option that should be considered. Fixtures like UFO High Bays, provide you with an appropriate amount of light output with the capability of choosing an appropriate color temperature that mimics that of high-pressure sodium fixtures and provides a much more efficient lighting source. Most UFO high bay fixtures have IP65 and IP66 ratings that make them water, dirt and dust-proof. Another added bonus is that they can be fully hosed-down for cleaning. They also do not require the maintenance that high-pressure sodium fixtures once did, LEDs are designed to provide continuous illumination, with some having life spans that exceed 100,000 hours and 10-year warranties provided from their respective manufacturers.

If your planning on building a new indoor riding arena or are considering replacing the existing light, pre-planning is one of the most important steps to ensure you have the appropriate balance of illumination. We are here to help with helping you select the most appropriate fixture that meet your lighting requirements and budget. Our staff can also help provide you with a lighting layout to ensure that no mistakes are made and when your project is complete, you have a up-to-date indoor riding arena that will leave you and your horse happy.