Horse Barn Lighting

If you're building a new structure or renovating an existing barn or arena, Stars and Stripes Lighting has everything you need to keep your equine facilities safe and well-lit. You can increase your riding time all year round, with our selection of indoor and outdoor equine-friendly LED arena lights and barn lighting fixtures that will keep your horses and equestrians happy. Our assortment of outdoor and indoor barn lighting fixtures are durable, maintenance-free and long-lasting.

Having the adequate lighting installed provide many benefits in working situations. If your barn has horses in it, having sufficient lighting is crucial for the health of your horses. It helps you or the qualified veterinarian to inspect your animals to ensure they are healthy. Having high-quality lighting installed keeps your animals happy in their environment, allowing you to perform routine check up without having to transport the animal to an alternate location.

LED stable lights provide a high color rendering index or CRI for the most natural looking light to keep your horses comfortable, making it the preferred choice for equine lighting. LEDs operate at lower temperatures, which aides in the reduced risk of fire, allowing them to perform better in outdoor or agricultural settings because of the many fixture options available. With older technology such as incandescent bulbs, an enormous amount of heat is generated. Combining that with dust or areas with cob webs increases risk of a fire starting.

Our horse-friendly High Bays come in a variety of different lamp configurations and designs, making them ideal for indoor riding arenas. High Bay fixtures help to eliminate dark spots and shadows, providing evenly distributed light so horses don't get spooked. This helps to create a more comfortable and safe environment for you and other riders. Shop our selection of High Bay LED barn lights and wet location fixtures to find the style that best suits your needs. Our vaporproof fixtures are great for installation in wet or dusty areas of your barn. Vaporproof fixtures are also ideal for lighting stalls, tack rooms, aisles and grooming areas. With their fully sealed and gasketed design, they lock out moistures, dust and debris to help increase safety and the lifespan of the light. If you're looking to extend your ride time into the dark, check out our selection of floodlights that are ideal for illuminating outdoor arenas. They are constructed to withstand the harshest of environments, and feature the latest in LED technology to provide super-efficient lighting. If you're unsure of how many fixtures you need, one of our lighting experts can provide you with a free lighting layout and quote.