Gas Station Lighting

Every location has its own unique lighting requirements. When it comes to gas station lighting, there are certain fixtures that are more suitable for this type of location. Below we'll go over some of the most common solutions for gas station lighting.

When you begin to look at all the different fixture options that are available, we recommend you start by determining the right lamping solution for your application to help narrow down your search. LED is by far the best choice for this unique location. It offers a higher lumen output, which results in a brighter fixture while operating on a lower wattage, resulting in reduced utility costs. LED is also a solution that produces no heat, which means the life of the fixture will be protected from heat damage. Also, LED will last a long time, helping to save on replacement costs and maintenance spent on maintaining the fixtures. As a result, LED technology is now utilized in the most commonly used gas station lighting solutions.

Before you start to develop a lighting plan, its important to keep in mind to dedicate equal time in planning your inside lighting as you do with your outside lighting. There are several great options to consider when it comes to interior gas station lighting. Some of the most common are recessed troffer-style and surface mounted fixtures. These options are easy to install and are sustainable solutions that meet the needs of this location. We recommend avoiding the use of suspended or chain fixtures, since they tend to create more shadows and detract from the clean, bright atmosphere that customers expect.

When you start to consider outside lighting options for your gas station, we recommend starting with the canopy. Since a gas station will get most of its business from customers pumping gas under the canopy, it's important to make sure this area is well-lit. This will allow customers to clearly see your location from the road at night. Also, a well-lit canopy provides customers a feeling of safety and security, which is especially important when it comes to pumping gas at night. For example, if you have a poorly lit gas canopy, more than likely a customer will opt for a location with a brighter one and pass you by, which will directly impact your business. This is why we strongly recommend the use of canopy lights. They are specifically designed for this type of environment, offering several different features such as vandal proof options, wet rated listings, durable polycarbonate lenses, and bright, powerful illumination in the area you need it most. Most canopy lights have a thin profile, which are great for lower canopies in terms of height, and they will help save on space as well.

Even though canopy lights are extremely important to illuminating your gas station's exterior, you'll still need to add parking lot lighting. Parking lot lighting needs to be installed near the surrounding parking spaces that are not covered by the canopy. It can also help add visibility to roads leading to the parking lot, and its even great for added safety and security behind the building as well. When choosing parking lot lights, you can go with either area lights or floodlights. Both options are perfect if you have a large lot that needs to be illuminated.