by Stars and Stripes Lighting September 23, 2022 2 min read

Garage lights are designed to provide task and general ambient lighting in commercial applications such as auto shops, mechanic shops, workshops and small warehouses, or in residential applications that include storage rooms, utility rooms and home garages. These overhead ceiling lights are typically mounted to the ceiling surface or suspended.

Every garage will have its own unique requirements when it comes to finding the most appropriate lighting solution. For example, since a professional garage typically has a high ceiling and is larger in size, it requires lighting fixtures that have a high lumen output with better light distribution. Whereas, a residential garage has a lower ceiling height, resulting in lower lumen requirements.

When your trying to come up with garage lighting ideas, its also important to take the layout of the space into account. While overhead lighting will be your primary source of illumination, you'll probably need supplemental lighting for specific areas as well. Some of these areas include:

  • Workbench Area
  • Wall space where tools commonly hang
  • Space above the garage door

Garage lights come in a wide variety of shapes and styles of fixtures to suit specific lighting requirements and coverage needs. These shapes and styles include canopy lights, shop lights, strip lights, high bays, wraparound lights and vapor tight fixtures. Keep in mind that high bays are used for areas with ceiling 20 to 45-feet in height.

For years, fluorescent fixtures were the only available solution when it came to garage lighting, however LED lights have became the most logical choice. Even though installing LED hanging or ceiling fixtures require a larger investment upfront, the long-term benefits will strongly outweigh the initial costs. Below are some of the advantages LED garage lights provide:

  • More energy-efficient when compared to fluorescent and metal halide fixtures
  • Available in multiple color temperatures
  • 90+ CRI for high color rendering
  • Rated to last up to 100,000-hours