Dorm Room Lighting

When college students go back to school, they want to make sure their dorm room is decorated to match their style. dorm room LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, due to its energy efficiency and longevity. Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate fixtures.

Many universities are trying to make dorm rooms look and feel more like home, which helps remove the anxiety level some students get while being away. They want to make sure each dorm is well-lit with dimming capabilities, so students can adjust the lighting levels to their satisfaction. One fixture that is becoming increasingly popular is recessed lighting, these fixtures help create a warm and inviting environment for students. However, in some situations the possibility of adding recessed lighting is not available. When this occurs, the second best option would be to go with flush mount ceiling lights. Many manufacturers realize the importance of unobtrusive lighting, so they are designing fixtures that are small but still produce an abundance of light.

Even though the dorm room more than likely will have overhead lighting, adding in some decorative wall sconces can help make it feel more like home. Take the student into consideration when doing this, add them near the doorway instead of over the bed. This will help keep the light from being in their eyes and seem less over powering.

When adding LED lighting fixtures to a dorm room's lighting plan, make sure you stay with the warm color tones instead of the cooler ones. Utilizing color temperatures between 2700 - 3000 kelvin will make every student feel more comfortable and less anxious. It makes the dorm room feel more warm and inviting.