Coffee Shop Lighting

Every location requires different lighting that can address its needs that are unique to the setting. When it comes to coffee shop lighting, the fixtures you choose and how they are setup are of the upmost importance. Since this setting needs to be cozy and alert for patrons, having the right lighting can bring customers in or steer them away. Below are some suggestions and ideas that will help you implement the best coffee shop lighting.

What makes a coffee shop such a unique location is the fact that its often used as hub for productivity with remote workers or students plugged into laptops, or simply used as a place where people come to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee. One ideal way that you can cater to both types of customers is with the use of natural light. The majority of coffee shops have large windows with tables and outlets nearby, which is ideal for customers seeking the alertness natural light brings. During the day, natural light is able to flow through the windows to reduce the need for artificial lighting in these areas. However, for areas that are further back in the coffee shop, you can use artificial lighting to keep up the warm, cozy atmosphere that other guests expect. This is an ideal way to balance the needs of types of customers in your shop. You still need to make sure you have lighting solutions that are installed over the window areas as well for night time lighting.

Color temperature is one of the most important elements when choosing coffee shop lighting. The color temperature describes how warm (yellow) or cool (white to blue-white) a light source appears to the eyes. For a coffee shop, you're trying to create cozy environment, which means you should opt for warmer options in the range of 2200 Kelvin to 3200 Kelvin that will give your place a home vibe.

Keeping the color temperature consistent throughout your shop is very important. For example, you don't want to have warm lights in one area and cool lights in another area, since this is not visually pleasing. to the eyes. Once you select the color temperature for your coffee shop, make sure all lamps have the same color temperature for clean, uniform look that your customers will appreciate. Color temperature plays a major role in the overall atmosphere of a location, so its very important to get this right in the beginning.

Since this space will mostly be using natural light during the day, you will want to make sure lighting fixtures are turned off when maximizing natural light. However, when the sun sets you will need those lights near the windows to come on so customers have adequate lighting to study, ready, or relax. Adding timers and dimmers to your lighting plan can really come in handy for these instances. For instance, you can have the lights set to be dimmer during the day and go to full brightness after dark, or you could even have the lights off in the day and set to come on with timers. This helps to maximize ease and function of your shop by simply adding these options to the lighting plan. Also, you can set the timers to selectively turn lights out at the end of the night, or when closed to avoid wasting money on electricity when the shop isn't occupied for add convenience.

Implementing LED solutions can lead to successful coffee shop lighting. Here are just a few reasons to choose LED lights for your coffee shop. LED provides the best in lumen output or brightness, requiring a lower wattage of consumption which saves on utility costs. LED also is a no heat solution on operates on a driver, helping to contribute to their incredible longevity for a long-lasting lighting solution. LED is flicker-free, offering a clean, light output that is consistent. LED lamps are designed to last up to 4 times longer than incandescent options, while still giving you the warm yellow glow of an incandescent lamp. They are also better for the environment, since they do not contain harmful materials like mercury, use less energy, and need to be re-lamped less when compared to other less efficient lamp types. Finally, LED options provide better color rendering indexes and a more diverse color temperature scale than other options, so your space will get exactly what it needs.

Since most coffee shops tend to have more of an artsy or eclectic appeal, you don't have to stick with one fixture type or fixture mount throughout the space. In fact, we recommend you mix and match fixture types. For example, mix overhead track lighting with recessed can lights that will provide general lighting while still offering ambiance for this cozy and unique space. You can also add some well-placed wall sconces for areas that need a little bit more light. Even though recessed and surface mount options have always been popular in terms of mounting, we recommend taking a look at suspended mount options that will add a more decorative touch. These small details can add to the general lighting of the space, while providing shop with that artsy and inviting atmosphere.