Closet Lighting

Just like other areas of the home, a closet needs effective lighting. If you can't see, it can be hard to find clothes to get dressed, negatively affecting the start of your day. Below are some suggestions on how having the right closet lighting can help you have a more functional living space.

One of the best options for closet lighting is to consider implementing sensor lighting. Most people assume sensor lighting is used exclusively in outdoor settings. However, this solution can be very useful inside your home, especially in closets. Sensor lighting is activated with motion, so when you enter your closet, the light will automatically come on and turn off when you exit. This is an ideal solution that can add some ease of use to your closet space.

Many homeowners want to beautify every room in their home, including closets by installing decorative lighting fixtures such as chandeliers. For example, some homes have larger closets, and for many their first inclination is to install chandelier style lighting. Whereas, if you are working with a smaller space, your design ideas would have to be adjusted in terms of fixture type and size. So, in-essence you need to work with the space you have, not the space you wish you had. If you have a smaller closet, consider overhead tape lighting placed along the shelves to add extra lighting to your space. For medium-sized closets, you could add an extra fixture that is similar in size and style to the existing fixture making sure they are evenly spaced.

Something you may not realize is that the color temperature of a lighting fixture plays an important role in the overall mood of a space. When it comes to a closet, it can be even more impactful. Since the color temperature can affect the way the colors of objects are displayed, you definitely want to keep this factor in mind. For instance, if you choose a color that is too warm in temperature, everything will look dull and dingy, making the apparel seem less flattering. However, if you choose a cooler tone for clear white output, you will see a positive overall impact on your closet.

Many homeowners think incandescent bulbs are the most logical solution, however it is best to avoid this type. Any bulb that generates a lot of heat isn't a great idea for such a small space. So, its better to go with CFL or even LED for the best option in terms of heat output.

When implementing closet lighting, you may be tempted to use the space on the floor to create a unique lighting system that leans to the ambient side. However, this type of closet lighting can cause issues such as shadows, glares, and overall harshness. So, we recommend its better to light your closet with overhead lighting and use floor lighting sparingly.