Building Perimeter Lighting

Every decision a business owner makes can either positively or negatively impact their bottom line. When it comes to lighting, it can easily become one of the most expensive line items for certain businesses, which is why its very important to get it right the first time. If you're looking for building perimeter lighting applications that are available for your business, there are several things that needed to be considered. Outside lighting not only is important for safety and visibility, but also can have a major impact on how customers view your establishment. Below are a few suggestions on choosing the right building perimeter lighting applications.

For building perimeter lighting applications, dependability is one of the most important factors. Many types of lights are unable to handle the outdoor elements, so its imperative to choose options designed for use outdoors. However, keep in mind that not all outdoor fixtures have the same ratings and capabilities, and you will also need to take into account what conditions exist in your area as well. For example, if you reside in a dry, hot climate that sees very little rain, but high levels of dust, you need an lighting option that focuses on dust-proofing. Whereas, if your in a climate that is prone to rainy hurricanes, you need a lighting option that is submersion rated to avoid water damage.

Most business owners recognize that providing light that spans the perimeter of their building is a key factor in creating a safe environment, however doorways actually need the most light since they are the areas that see the heaviest traffic. In addition to ensuring you have fixtures that can deliver high lumen output in your outdoor area, you also need to choose lighting that provides the right mix of light spread and concentrated focus. A perfect solution would be gooseneck lighting fixtures, since they feature a shade that creates a wide circle of focused illumination that is perfect for highlighting doors.

LED fixtures are a great way to save money on both energy costs and the costs of having to replace fixtures. LED lights also are designed to last a long time without issues, as a result you will need fewer replacements which saves significantly on maintenance costs for years. In addition to bulbs lasting longer than other options, the fixtures themselves, as well as their internal drivers, are long lasting due to the fact LEDs operate at lower temperatures to avoid the overheating of internal elements.