Aquarium Lighting

Making sure your aquarium has the proper lighting installed is important for a variety of reasons. Many aquarium owners have been using fluorescent lamps for years. However, the use of LED lighting for aquariums is becoming more popular because of the benefits it provides. Even though LEDs produce more light than fluorescent while consuming less energy, their lifespans significantly longer as well. Many of them have have lifespans that can exceed 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

As previously mentioned, LEDs are significantly more efficient than any other light source. They can save up-to 80% in energy consumption compared to traditional aquarium lighting. Another great thing about the use of LEDs is the fact there are more color choices available. Many aquarium owners are adding fish with color, so lighting to bring-out all the colors in the fish is extremely important. Since LED lamps have a wide spectrum of color temperatures available, they can really make your tank for enjoyable.

Since different species of fish requiring different illumination and brightness levels of light, having the right type is extremely important. The dimmable option that LEDs incorporate into the aquarium lighting, helps to customize the lighting to meet your needs. Another great option with LEDs is that you can place them on a time, which will help make a better environment for the fish instead of keeping the lights on constantly. Unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent aquarium lighting, LEDs produce lower levels of heat which enables the water temperature to stay at the appropriate temperature. Some aquarium fish and plants benefit from warmer temperatures generated by lighting but many others it drastically affects their living conditions.