Airport Lighting

Every airport has its own unique requirements for lighting, from illumination levels to weather resistant fixtures. In the past several years, LED lighting for airports has became increasingly popular. It helps to meet illumination needs of the airport but it also helps make each travelers experience better.

Many airports have taken small steps in upgrading this like runway lights to LED but have not taken the big leap in converting over their general lighting. Many of them still have fluorescent lighting that makes up the majority of their facilities. Since airports are open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, lighting take up a lot of their operational budget. With the incorporation of LED fixtures on a large scale, they could cut their monthly energy consumption by over 50 percent. LEDs also do not require the time and attention to maintain them like fluorescent models, many fixtures have warranties that exceed 10 years and lifespans over 100,000 hours.

One great option for an airport, is to incorporate recessed lighting in lounge and waiting areas, this helps to make those areas feel more warm and inviting. For areas such as baggage claim, offices and other areas that require general lighting, we recommend replacing outdated fixtures with new recessed troffers. As for runway tunnels, parking garages and other airport exterior applications where lighting is exposed to weather elements, we recommend using vapor tight fixtures. One of the things that make these fixtures a great addition, is that fact that they have IP65 and IP65 ratings making them water-proof. With all of the benefits LED lighting fixtures bring to the table, one of the most overlooked is visual experience. Many LED fixtures today have color rendering index ratings (CRI) that exceed 80, some even exceeding 90, thus making the light source as close to natural as possible. Travelers will definitely take notice in the upgrades and will be glad the airport made them.